Microsoft's Office Live Web service was designed for small businesses that needed an easy solution for creating websites and business emails. Microsoft Office Live Small Business offers a single service with a number of pay-for add-ons.

Furthermore, simply by checking a box, you can create an RSS feed and post a link to it on your page, with the information automatically formatted so anyone can quickly subscribe to the feed and add the events to an RSS feed reader, including the one built into Outlook 2007.

Besides multiple calendars and lists, you can include a variety of components in your workspace, from a wiki to a discussion group. The clean interface makes it easy to customise.

A Getting Started panel at the top of the screen (which you can toggle on and off) and a Resource Center are available from any application. The former provides links to help information that explains the application's basics, while the latter provides help for more advanced tasks.

As with Document Manager, you can install multiple Workspace instances to match different security requirements.

Beyond Document Manager and Team Workspace, you can choose from 18 other useful business applications (some of which are predefined collections of document templates), organized in six categories, such as "Schedule Meetings and Events" or "Collaborate with coworkers and clients".

These free applications range from a simple Project Manager to a Decision Meeting Workspace for tracking agenda items and task progress. A link to third-party applications is also provided.

Microsoft Office Live Small Business includes 50MB of business applications storage, and you can buy up to 5GB more for $14.95 per month.

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