Microsoft's Office Live Web service was designed for small businesses that needed an easy solution for creating websites and business emails. Microsoft Office Live Small Business offers a single service with a number of pay-for add-ons.

MOLSB now offers its features for up to five users at no charge; up to 70 more can be added for a monthly fee of $14.95 (about £8) per month for 10 users total including the five free ones, $34.95 (£18) for 25 total users, $64.95 (£33) for 50 total users, and $84.95 (£44) for 75 total users. (And that's not a mistake, prices are currently quoted in dollars.)

The Microsoft Office Live Small Business service is currently supported by ads on your Office Live desktop, but don't worry - they don't appear on the website you generate. You can turn off the ads by paying another $19.95 (£11) annually.

According to Microsoft, support via email is available around the clock with responses within four hours. Telephone support is free for the first 30 days, with a paid option available after that.

Create a website

MOLSB's most attractive feature is its ability to help users quickly and easily create and update a Web site (hosting included). A user-friendly interface makes it easy to choose simple layouts, pick color schemes and add content easily. Microsoft Office Live Small Business updates the navigation menus automatically as you add or remove pages.

An image gallery offers a place to centrally store graphics files that can, with a couple of clicks, be placed on any page, and you can stock your document gallery with files (such as brochures or price lists) that can be displayed on your site. The Microsoft Office Live Small Business image gallery is required if you want to put any images on your site - and you must install the Image Uploader applet first.

The site designer is perfect for small-business owners who lack the experience, technical skills or time needed to learn even basic web coding and can't afford (or aren't willing to pay for) a professional web designer. Microsoft Office Live Small Business is truly a simple, do-it-yourself approach to building a website that can yield professional-looking results.

MOLSB users don't need to know about HTML tags to position a product feature table on a page, they don't have to worry about find a hosting service or register a domain name, and they need no knowledge of FTP to make changes.

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