Launched a little over a year ago,; is an online file-storage, -sharing and collaboration service that gives you a generous 10GB of storage free of charge. Data security is taken care of with 128-bit SSL encryption.

With Java installed and enabled, you drag-and-drop to upload files and folders to Alternatively, simply pull files from other websites.

It works beautifully, with one major irritant. You can up- or download only one file or folder at a time. These can be as big as you like (up to your storage limit), but you can't set and forget multiple folders to upload.

There is a desktop program that solves this problem, but you need to be a Premium account holder to use it. As well as some other useful features, the desktop Humyo also offers automated back-ups. A 14-day free trial is available.

Humyo Premium gives you 100GB storage, and costs £4.59 a month, or £45.99 for a year.

Once uploaded, you can interact with your files in several ways.

Edit an uploaded text document on your desktop, for instance, and Humyo will save the changes to the web-borne copy. Media files play directly from, and you can view images natively: individually, or in a slideshow. Impressively, you can also access files through any internet-enabled mobile phone. is clever other ways, too: file types are automatically identified and sorted into relevant categories. Upload MP3s, for example, and they will drop into My Music (as well as the My Files/Uploaded Files section of There they can be sorted by Album, Genre and so on.

Sharing and collaboration is a cinch. Using the Community area, you simply add friends to share files with them - so make sure your 'friends' are exactly that.

This does mean that collaborators must also sign up to But from a security point of view, we can't argue with that. It is, after all, free.


Intuitive, secure and - in its basic form - free. We can't think of a reason not to use for storing and sharing up to 10GB of files and folders.