New features in Adobe Fireworks CS4 provide designers with advanced tools to create websites, applications, and interactive designs. Converting a design to a CSS layout-basedweb page is a one-step process choosing the Export Menu and selecting CSS and HTML.

The CSS options dialog window allows you to choose between writing CSS to an external file or in the html file.

New Slice types provide the option of setting a background image for a web page and repeating it along the X or Y coordinates. Improvements in the Styles panel include the default styles being subdivided into 13 sections making it easier to locate a style.

The Auto Vector Mask command known as Fade Image in previous versions of Fireworks provides real-time previewing of masking as gradient handles are adjusted.


Fireworks CS4 came out in beta form earlier this year. With a revamped interface, Smart Guides, and ability to export clickable prototypes into an interactive PDF, it's a worthy upgrade.