Adobe Contribute CS4, a program that allows web-unsavvy users to edit web pages without the possibility of breaking the site, has changed little since the CS3 version.

Contribute CS4 is part of the Web Premium, Web Standard and Master Collection editions of Adobe Creative Suite 4.

The biggest change to Adobe Contribute CS4 is a new workflow process that allows the site administrator to require pages based on a particular site template to go through review and approval before they can be published.

You can now edit pages using Adobe Contribute CS4's tools from within Firefox (but not Safari). Time-sensitive pages can now be set to expire, notifying the author that they need refreshing. Better CSS support and tighter integration with Dreamweaver, as well as a cosmetic facelift (gaining the Adobe application look and feel) round out a mediocre upgrade.


Adobe Contribute CS4 is a worthy tool for less than technical web editors, but it won't inspire many CS3 users to upgrade.