This wireless graphics tablet-come-mouse pad replacement combines pen computing and a traditional mouse with an interactive graphics tablet. We liked the Genius MousePen M508W's compact footprint of this tablet, which still offers a roomy 20cm working area, and the ability to store the pen and receiver for easy transportation.

Set up is fast and easy. The Genius MousePen M508W tablet offers 4,000LPI (lines per inch) resolution and 1,024 level pressure sensitivity pen. We also liked the use of hotkeys to open applications such as Safari and Mail.

However, the Genius MousePen M508W tablet lacks multi-monitor support. This is fine if you have just one screen, but many designers use dual screens, which handicaps this device massively. Also, the bundled mouse is a very basic affair. It has left and right buttons and scroll wheel, but no other functions.


At this price we would recommend the Genius MousePen M508W but only for general users who want to try out creating graphics with a pen. A more demanding professional user will quickly feel limited by the features on offer.