The Jatheon PnC 100 is a small appliance that supports up to 100 users, designed to be simple to install and configure. Initial configuration is accomplished through keyboard and monitor, and then the rest through a web console. The documentation and setup wizard makes it simple to configure Exchange with envelope journaling to enable archiving. The documentation also includes setups for other mail systems including GroupWise, Lotus and Linux-based email servers.

The features included in the PnC are similar to what you'll find in the other products tested, including easy retention policy setups, policies for email content, legal holds on messages found during e-discovery searches, reporting tools, single-instance storage (deduplication), user, administrator and auditor roles, audit trails and read-only archives, expandable storage and instant message archiving.

The PnC was able to easily import existing mailboxes into an archive, and search times for finding messages were quick. As with the other SMB-oriented products, the focus was on ease of use and administration rather than the levels of granularity and performance of the enterprise products.


The Jatheon is a good bit more expensive than the Barracuda at low numbers of users, although at numbers of 1,000 or so the cost per user gets closer, (around $13 to Barracuda's $9) for similar levels of functionality and ease of use. Jatheon has more of an international presence, so companies with branches in Europe or even Canada may find it easier to deal with than primarily US companies.