The Voix MPX & MPY is a distinctive iPod speaker set is a proper conversation starter – but it's loud enough to stop the chatter in its tracks just by switching it on.

The Voix MPX & MPY comprises two tower speakers and a subwoofer.

The speakers stand at just 1m tall, with a high-quality, glossy black finish. Just like Ferguson's 007, the Voix MPX & MPY system looks at home beside your HDTV or music playback setup. The remote control is effective, if a little limited.

Both the Voix MPX & MPY speakers offer four 2in woofers and a 1in tweeter for a sound output of 54W. That's room-filling sound, with sound separation that's as good as any separates system. You get sparkling trebles, solid output in the mid-range and roaring bass – altogether an excellent sound.

The main speaker (the MPX) features auxiliary left and right input jacks, plus matching output jacks, a speaker wire connection to the MPR, and a separate output jack for the subwoofer. The top of the MPX flips up to access the built-in iPod dock. Inside this speaker also holds the digital music amplifier. The second speaker (the MPY) acts as a standalone stereo accompaniment.

The MPX speaker can also work alone, splitting the left and right channels of sound evenly between the woofers – although it's clearly better to use both at once. We were quite taken with the neon blue activity lights, which significantly enhance the futuristic house-of-the-future sci-fi feel of this system.

You need to attach the speakers to their heavy stands (the whole system weighs 7kg) using the screws supplied, meaning you have to invest a little more time setting up this system. However, you need do this only once, and the Voix MPX & MPY's striking good looks are well worth the extra effort.

The subwoofer (the DX2) is sold separately for a costly £129.99, which pushes the price up substantially – you'll want the best possible bass for a hi-fi replacement, but an extra lay-out of that size is possibly a bit much for most of us. We also note that individual treble and bass controls don't feature on the Voix MPX & MPY.


Despite our reservations, we are extremely taken with the appearance of the Voix MPX & MPY, but it's audio playback quality you need for a hi-fi replacement, and in that this system excels.