The Chronos iDock continues the PURE brand's tradition of top-quality radio coupled with trendy design. It's in essence a follow on from an earlier Chronos model in the PURE range but with iPod compatibility built in.

Alongside other PURE products, PURE claims the Chronos iDock uses materials in its construction that are less harmful to the environment and save on energy consumption wherever possible.

Now while there are plenty of iPod-compatible music players already on the market, few of them have quite so many other features built in as this beauty. The PURE Chronos iDock has DAB and FM radio, plus a clock and alarm with four different wake-up functions all of which can be managed using either buttons mounted on the front of the unit or from a supplied remote control.

The PURE Chronos iDock is also a great example of accessible tech – you just take it out of the box, plug it in, and it works. Dock the iPod and press the 'Source' button until it scrolls through to 'iPod' to hear your tunes through the speakers.

Rise and shine

It does take a few dry runs to get the gist of the finer points of the PURE Chronos iDock's control panel buttons, but an LCD display helps by telling you exactly what's going on. This is particularly good in relation to DAB channel information where it reports back on things such as signal strength and channel information. You'll also see what's happening whenever you make any adjustments to settings such as bass and treble.

The PURE Chronos iDock's compact design means that the speakers don't offer earth shattering performance, but it delivers decent enough output from the radio side of things. The usability aspect of this model really comes into play again when you're using the radio as stations are stored alphabetically and can be scrolled through with ease. A feature called textSCAN enables you to pause scrolling station information to grab the latest footie results or jot down a song title you want to buy on iTunes.

Playing songs from your iPod, meanwhile, really is child's play particularly when using the remote, which allows you to select tunes from the safety of your duvet.

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