The Memorex miniMove Portable Boombox is a portable radio and iPod dock that's shaped like a handbag and designed to be taken out and about to the park or the beach.

Available in silver, pink or black, the Memorex miniMove Portable Boombox can currently be picked up online for as little as £45 from Amazon UK. It's therefore a good value.

The Memorex miniMove Portable Boombox weighs just 847g and is made of durable plastic. It is small enough to fit in a rucksack but feels delicate. A protective case would have been a great addition. We're convinced that the MiniMove would be more suitable in the shade rather than the sun.

We tried the Memorex miniMove Portable Boombox in our test lab, cranking it up to its full volume. With no other distractions, it sounded fine and distortion-free, but in an outdoor setting it was soon lost. The volume goes up to a maximum of 16 which is loud enough if sitting in a quiet garden or room but not to be used somewhere loud.

We liked the practical handbag design with its solid handle. It is also extremely easy to use. Plug in your iPod, press the clearly indicated power button and choose your source: radio or iPod. You can also control the Memorex miniMove Portable Boombox using the small wireless remote control that it comes with. This is very small, so could be lost easily but is very light and can be used at a distance as far as 8ft as long as it is pointing in the direction of the Boombox.

The FM radio has eight presets. Curiously, the fairly short aerial extends from the side of the Memorex miniMove Portable Boombox and isn't directional, so the clearest signal is not always available.

We also have concerns about charging an iPod from the Memorex miniMove Portable Boombox. Since it cannot be powered via mains electricity, charging your MP3 player using its batteries will very quickly drain them.


Overall, we thought the Memorex miniMove Portable Boombox was a rather so-so product. Its value makes it worth buying and its light weight and handle means you can carry it around with ease. However the Boombox’s speakers are not very loud, so we’d be more inclined to use it indoors rather than taking it out and about.