We liked the sound quality provided by the Logitech S315i, but a price tag of almost £100 seems a bit steep for a speaker system that provides little in the way of added extras.

The curved rectangular design of the Logitech S315i looks neat, and ensures that it will slide easily into a backpack when you’re ready to hit the road. It’s also solidly built, with a sturdy stand that folds out of the back when you want to play music.

Audio quality is pretty good for a speaker system of this size. The mid and higher frequencies are sharp and clear, and the bass is fairly solid given that there’s no separate subwoofer. A little distortion does creep in as you push the volume right up to maximum, but even at around 80 percent of maximum volume the Logitech S315i is still loud enough for an impromptu party on the beach or in a holiday apartment.

And while you can run the Logitech S315i off the mains we were pleased to see that it also includes a built-in rechargeable battery. The battery life is about 10 hours on full power, but the S315i also has a special power-saving mode that can almost double the battery life to around 20 hours. The only drawback here is that the power-saving mode cuts the bass output quite noticeably, producing a weaker sound, but it’s still a handy option if you don’t have easy access to a mains power supply.

Unfortunately, that’s about it in terms of added extras.


A speaker system in this price range really ought to include a remote control, and there’s no carrying case, radio or alarm option either. So while the sound quality is good, the Logitech S315i still looks a bit expensive for what is essentially a no-frills speaker system.