The Logitech PureFi Anywhere is a multi-speaker combo portable iPod speaker set comprising a slimline plastic slab that fits easily into a travel bag or rucksack.

Dispense with the sack and get a hard suitcase, however, as the PureFi Anywhere feels a bit flimsy. And at more than 700g you probably won't want to lug it too far either.

The PureFi Anywhere is a conventional-style speaker setup and, because of the combination used, it manages to provide a very well rounded audio performance.

The Logitech PureFi Anywhere works by combining the efforts of a set of 5.1cm Max-X active drivers while an additional 7.6cm driver combo helps to punch out the music to even better effect. Your iPod sits in a dock between the two speaker units, which helps give it a neat, well-balanced look.

Controls are situated along the top of the Logitech PureFi Anywhere and include a power switch, shuffle, and repeat functions. The volume is controlled by similarly styled + and - buttons.

A set of universal dock adaptors is supplied, meaning that the Logitech PureFi Anywhere can be used with any one of the iPod family. There's also a remote control and AC adaptor. A 3.5mm jack line-in connector means the Anywhere can be hooked up to most other music players, too.

The Logitech PureFi Anywhere's audio delivery is certainly impressive. All ends of the spectrum are well covered, making for a rich overall sound. This is helped by the fact that the speakers are set a little bit apart, and that really seems to boost the impact of the unit. Bass is surprisingly full, making rock or metal sound just as it should, but the Anywhere copes well with any musical challenge.

Power comes from a rechargeable battery, which Logitech reckon is good for 10 hours or so. There's a built-in battery life indicator that keeps tabs on just how much juice the unit has left, and glows red when it starts running low. We're not sure what happens when this comes to the end of its life though as the Logitech PureFi Anywhere's battery doesn't appear to be replaceable.

We really like the travel case that comes included, ensuring that the Logitech PureFi Anywhere remains free of scuffs. It's also handy for storing away the remote control, AC adaptor and your iPod when you hit the road. All in all, this is a great package.


Producing top quality sound and covering the full audio spectrum, the Logitech PureFi Anywhere enjoys better stereo separation than most. The remote control and travel case are nice touches, too. Down sides? Well the battery isn't replaceable, and the Logitech PureFi Anywhere is a little heaver - both in the arms and on your pockets.