Logitech's AudioHub is a compact, desktop speaker system for your laptop that aims to enhance your movie watching and music listening.

The Logitech AudioHub's main section, which hosts a 3in woofer, rests behind your laptop; a pair of 2in tweeters extend to peek from behind the edges of your laptop. Measuring 508x95x133mm when the speakers are fully extended (17in wide when the speakers are not extended).

The Logitech AudioHub has only a USB connector for grabbing USB audio from your computer; there's no line-in for plugging into your laptop's audio out port, or to connect an iPod, iPhone, or other audio device. The Logitech AudioHub isn't bus-powered, either; it requires the use of a power adaptor. But the speaker does have a three-port powered USB hub for connecting other peripherals.

As far as sound quality, the Logitech AudioHub creates a full, warm sound, but bass sounds muddy. For movies and video the AudioHub sounds good, but if you like music with a lot of bass, the AudioHub's lack of bass definition may disappoint.

The Logitech AudioHub provides a substantial power boost over the built-in speakers of the 2.33GHz Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro we used for testing. The built-in speakers are ideal for when you're sitting directly in front of your laptop, while the AudioHub volume is loud enough to allow you to sit back 7 to 10ft on a couch while a video plays. (Because the AudioHub is a USB audio device, you can't use it and the built-in speakers at the same time.)

The other major improvement over the built-in laptop speakers is with stereo separation. Because the Logitech AudioHub speakers are farther apart than the laptop speakers, stereo separation is much more noticeable, especially when watching movies.


It's too big to carry around with your on trips, but if you often use your laptop at your desk, the Logitech AudioHub can enhance your experience when watching videos or listening to music without taking up a lot of desktop space. If you're nitpicky about sound quality, you can probably find better sounding speakers at a competitive price.