You won't find much in the way of surprises when it comes to design, but the i-Station Clock Dock instantly looks the part on your bedside table, in a vaguely retro style. Once you've hooked it up, the simplicity and ease of use is obvious.

On the top of the i-Station Clock Dock, there's a convenient array of control buttons, which are really good to the touch, particularly the chunky and hard-to-miss Snooze. The front of the unit has a bold LED with a dimming capacity that light sleepers will like.

Control of your iPod once on the i-Station Clock Dock's docking connector is reasonably straightforward but not quite as seamless as on some similar products. This is made more unwieldy because the scrollwheel is less accessible than when you're holding the iPod. A supplied remote control doesn't really offer enough functionality to help with the process either.

Around the back of the i-Station Clock Dock there's a USB connection option and an Audio In socket (plus a supplied cable) along with a lengthy wire aerial antenna. The latter can also be stowed away in a built-in plastic holder at the rear of the device.

The i-Station Clock Dock has chunky rubber feet, which ensures it's not easily dislodged by careless early rises. Also hiding in the box is a series of iPod docking cradles making this model universally compatible.

For a fairly small unit with lots of plastic on show, the sound is a revelation. Various music styles all flourish while it's possible to squeeze some really chunky bass out of the i-Station Clock Dock's small speakers. Unfortunately, things suffer as the volume level gets higher.


The Logic3 i-Station Clock Dock is an impressive device, but shortcomings that could have been sorted with a better remote control take the edge off slightly.