If you like to turn the volume up, the Jamo i300’s attractive white (or black) subwoofer contains a 6.5in driver and a 150W amplifier for the sub, and a second 150W amplifier (75W per channel) for the satellite speakers.

The Jamo i300's sub’s auxiliary input mixes with audio from your iPod – you can listen to a second audio source, such as a gaming console or computer, and your iPod simultaneously.

Each satellite speaker has a flat top, bottom and sides, while the front and back are curved. The back of each satellite hosts spring-loaded speaker terminals. The satellites are finished in the same gloss-white (or black) as the sub. The Jamo i300 boasts rubber feet for stability and can even be wall-mounted.

The Jamo i300’s iPod dock is just over 6 x 4in, with a solid-rubber base to keep it from sliding around. A cradle using Apple’s Universal Dock design holds your dock-connector iPod; dock inserts are included for older iPods. The music player is charged when docked.

The dock hosts volume, mute (which pauses the song playing) and a subwoofer button, alongside LED activity lights which indicate volume level. Each Jamo i300 speaker weighs nearly 900g, but the entire system is so compact it’s easy to place.

The thin, oval-shaped radio-frequency (RF) remote has thin, horizontal buttons: Play/Pause, Forward, Back, and Volume Up and Down. Because it’s so small, it’s easy to lose the Jamo i300's remote around the house, and it’s also awkward to use without looking at the button descriptions.

Sound quality is excellent, although the Jamo i300's small subwoofer tends to emphasise higher bass frequencies over lower ones. Despite this, bass is impressive, and the system provides very good detail and upper midrange.

At high volumes the overall sound doesn’t offer a hint of distortion, though you will be able to hear the difference between low bit-rate rips and lossless audio. Sound separation is excellent, because you can place the Jamo i300's speakers where you like you get the degree of separation you demand.


Combine an iPod full of music with the Jamo i300 and you’ve got a system that betters many traditional stereos, in a fraction of the space.