The iHome iH8 merges iPod technology with that good old-fashioned bedside friend - the clock radio. You can now fall asleep and wake to your favourite iPod tune or radio show.

The iHome iH8’s design is hardly groundbreaking, but its retro, rectangular simplicity is charming. This traditional clock radio design may not win over the young, hip crowd but it's sturdy enough not to go flying off the bedside table as you blindly fumble for that lovely snooze button.

Compatible with all docking iPods the iHome iH8 comes with a selection of docking inserts to ensure a snug fit.

Two 3W speakers are capable of waking even the deepest of sleepers, particularly if your partner has, just for a laugh, set the iHome iH8 to play Motorhead at 6am. Thanks.

iHome has been making iPod alarm clocks for a few years. The iHome iH5 was a big hit in the US, and the iHome iH8 has added new features such as an equaliser for bass and treble control, 12 preset AM/FM radio stations and various display light settings for the large, clear screen.

Best of all is the iHome iH8's programmable sleep function. This has a gradually decreasing volume level to carry you smoothly off to the Land of Nod. In the morning the new dual alarm function allows you and your partner to wake at different times; or you can just keep swatting the snooze button and get up late for work, together.

The one disappointment is the iHome iH8's remote. There's often a time lag of about two seconds, and its directional capability can be erratic.

The iHome iH8's sound quality is fine for the bedroom but would feel a bit inadequate in the living room. The bass is rather thin, even on the maximum setting. However, for the price, the iHome iH8 is pretty good value.


If you are an iPod fan and you are looking for a new alarm clock then the iHome iH8 may well be the gadget for you.