As the massive market for iPod speakers systems proves, there's more to the iPod than a set of white earbuds. Some speakers try their hardest to look super cool, some take the place of your stereo, and there's a bunch that are aimed at the traveling iPod user.

Gear4's StreetParty Size 0 is lightweight (300g) and super-slim (16mm thick), can be plugged into a power socket or armed with AA batteries. It even comes with its own sleek protective carry case.

In terms of looks it's similar to Bose's SoundDock, with speakers in a wall behind the upright iPod that sits in a foldaway dock. All black, it's also cooler than the less-than-portable SoundDock – although the sound quality is not as high end.

That said, sound quality is fine for its designated duty: blasting out your music while you're away from home. The maximum volume isn't ear shattering, so it isn't suited to filling very large spaces (or streets, as the name implies). It will suit a hotel room or a moderately sized apartment, which is surely enough for its target market. The dock includes simple volume buttons. You can also control the speakers via the included remote control.

Round the back, there's an audio line in for use with other music players, as well as a handy mini USB slot for syncing to a computer.


The StreetParty Size 0 has a mouthful of a name - it implies there's more than one size, for starters, but I suppose is better than StreetParty Anorexic. It's an able performer at a reasonable price - albeit the top-end of reasonable; something like this for under £40 would be a smash. That said, it really is lightweight, so is ideal for today's restricted hold luggage.