The Ferguson Hill FH007’s crystal clear horn speakers fade away when placed in a room. Only when you stare do you appreciate the build quality.

Ferguson Hill is a relative newcomer to the consumer audio market. Formed in 2003, the company has so far concentrated on the professional and high-end market. This, the FH007, marks Ferguson Hills entry into the more mainstream consumer market.

The Ferguson Hill FH007 speakers (referred to as horns) are made from clear-cast acrylic, shaped into a funnel. The effect is rather like an invisible ear trumpet. The only visible part is the aluminium speaker in the centre and the vertical stand.

Pictures really don’t do the Ferguson Hill FH007 justice: you have to see it set up for full effect. We set up the speaker system around our test HDTV, only for one person to wander past and remark: ‘so where are the speakers?’ They vanish in front of your eyes, only to re-appear when you stare at them.

We must admit that the sound quality from the Ferguson Hill FH007 is amazing, although at this price we’d be appalled if it was anything less.

The audio is crystal clear, and projects the smallest noises across the room with clarity. They’re not quite so sharp when it comes to bass-heavy music, though. Ferguson Hill also supplies a FH008 sub woofer to go with the Ferguson Hill FH007 (for an extra £275).

The Apple white colour scheme compliments an iPod or Apple TV, although we felt its large bulk somewhat compromised the otherwise astonishing Ferguson Hill FH007’s style. That said, these speakers are by far and away the best looking we’ve ever seen. The Ferguson Hill FH007 is the sort of design that Jonathan Ive from Apple itself would produce and, as such, it matches your iPod and Apple TV to perfection.

While purists may scoff at such niceties as design and build quality, if you’re placing something in your front room to match a HDTV set, Apple TV and iPod dock – you really couldn’t do better than the Ferguson Hill FH007. What you’re paying for is style, and in this respect the Ferguson Hill FH007 mini speaker system delivers in abundance.


If you want the most stylish speakers in existence to sit in your front room, then look no further than Ferguson Hill's FH007. The sound quality is excellent too, although you can get the same audio experience for much less money.