The Tick Tock Dock alarm clock speaker system by Edifier is an all-in-one radio alarm clock speaker with a difference. Forget the old big black radio alarm clocks  à la Groundhog Day, this little system is retro-styled just like the old-school double-bell alarm clocks in the intro for Back to the Future.

The speaker system holds the two 360° degree omni-directional full range speakers and includes five pre-set alarm settings and a multitude of input settings, including 24 preset FM radio channels, as well as the iPhone/iPod dock and an auxiliary 3.5mm input to connect to an mp3 player or PC.

The iPhone/iPod dock has a whizzy pivoting function which you can hide or display, but if you have the iPhone docked on the station, the display screen is completely covered, which makes it impossible to multi-task and do anything besides play music.

In addition, while there are plenty of settings to play with, the system is rather tricky to program when you get started and the buttons are on the opposite side to the screen, so you have to sort of feel around and check the screen to see if you’ve hit the right button. However, at least the device syncs the date and time automatically to your iPhone as soon as you plug it in and charges the device.

We tried to plug the iPhone into the auxiliary cable instead so that it didn’t block the display screen, and that does work, but the level of volume is decreased by about 50 percent. There is also no external aerial, so you have to search for radio reception manually by moving the device about. 


Despite its size and some usability issues, the Tick Tock Dock produces a pretty decent sound quality and bass that is suitable for use for a house party or to enhance PC entertainment. The gadget is very travel-friendly and we especially like the alarm fade-in effect and ability to choose different inputs for the alarm.