The Edifier C2 2.1 speaker system provides a relatively clean and wholesome sound that is especially impressive at this price point.

Some think that five speakers are better than two - but for most people, one pair of loudspeakers is just the ticket, whether used for just music, or film and video playback. In the case of Edifier’s C2 powered speaker system , there are three boxes, with the ‘.1’ in the 2.1 spec referring to the separate reflex-ported bass speaker that fleshes out the sound from a pair of diminuitive stereo satellite speakers.

There’s actually a fourth component to the Edifier C2 system, a three-channel amplifier that is sensibly kept separate from the sat and sub speakers. This can accept two different audio sources (one on 3.5mm jack, one on 2 x RCA phono) with buttons to switch sources, and tweak bass and treble, on the front panel. Volume is adjusted by a rotary knob up to a notional ‘60’ level, or by a credit card-sized remote.

Those speakers may be lightweight two-way MDF boxes only 18cm high, but combined with the sub speaker and its 6.5in driver, the Edifier C2 system provides a relatively clean and wholesome sound that is especially impressive at the price point of £50.

The Edifier C2's bass can be a tad ‘clubby’ in level (depending on your room and what you’re playing) but this can be easily subdued with the bass tone control. We found -2 to be about right in our test room, and the result allowed the sonorous sound of classical piano - Helfgott playing Rachmaninov 3 - to ‘shine’ through, while also showing the muscle to play the upbeat drum ‘n’ bass of Lamb and the driving rock of Garbage’s first album.

Experimenting with speaker positioning always benefits these sub/sat setups, but unusually we didn’t experience the detached bass quality that can blight some such setups. At its best, the Edifier C2 gave an open, spacious sound that could hold attention where other budget systems have us reaching for the ‘off’ button.


A compact 2.1 speaker system that is well-built and easy to use, and crucially offers good sound quality up to reasonably high volume levels. With its smooth yet detailed sound the Edifier C2 gets a warm recommendation, especially given its affordable price point.