The Eclipse TD307PAII's egg-shaped speaker systems provide stunning sound clarity. But at what cost?

That unique egg-shaped design isn't just for style. It helps the Eclipse TD307PAII produce crystal-clear audio.

We come across many speaker systems, ranging from average to stunning.

Most of the speaker systems that fall into the 'stunning' camp are designed for home entertainment: either as part of a home cinema system, or as an iPod-integrated replacement for your home stereo.

So the Eclipse TD307PAII is a refreshing and welcome change from the norm. This speaker system is clearly high-end in both purpose and execution (not to mention price) and is designed with your PC or Mac firmly in mind.

The Eclipse TD307PAII is, frankly, the best speaker system for your computer we've seen in a long while.

There's a lot of technology going on inside the Eclipse TD307PAII. The speakers themselves are egg-shaped. According to Eclipse, the design produces the strongest case housing and minimises the resonation that affects sound.

The lack of flat surfaces in the case also minimises resonating effect. And the strange curved stand also works to minimise vibrations by driving them out of the Eclipse TD307PAII's speaker and down on to the table.

Inside the shell is housed a singe drive that is decoupled from the enclosure and mounted on a single stand. A heavy anchor sits on the back of the speaker; again to minimise movement.

The overall aim from Eclipse seems to be a driver that produces very little vibration; and what little is produced isn't passed on to the casing - the miniscule amount that is passed to the casing is absorbed and sent down the stand instead of 'warming' or 'colouring' the sound.

The result is a remarkably clear sound system that enables you to pick out individual noises and locate sounds in a seemingly 3D space around your PC. While it's clearly better for noises at the higher end of the spectrum (it's certainly no bass-station) we can't help but remain truly impressed by the sound produced by the Eclipse TD307PAII.

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