The Boynq Sabre is a compact and lightweight iPod and iPhone travel speaker.

If it's original looks you're after then the Boynq Sabre's wild design in garish pink might be for you. It also comes in a more sensible black. The shape is undeniably quirky, and because of that, it's also a little unwieldy too.

The Boynq Sabre is compatible with the entire iPod range – six plastic docking inserts cover all models of iPod. The player then sits in a cradle located on the front of the unit. Buttons for the various controls are located close to this area, so everything is close at hand for after dark or early morning playback sessions. There's a brightly glowing power button when the unit is switched on, plus volume, bass, and treble buttons.

The speakers sit at either side of the Boynq Sabre, and there are a brace of 3in drivers offering 10W RMS apiece. Things get pretty loud at maximum volume.

In fact, the Boynq Sabre comes with more power than many similarly priced models. Despite this, the delivery is a bit lacklustre. There's very little wallop available from those diminutive drivers but that small distance between speakers does offer a smidgen of signal separation.

All genres of music sound pretty average. Lack of bass is the biggest issue here, although the Boynq Sabre seems to struggle somewhat with signals across the audio spectrum. Some playing around with the bass and treble knobs resulted in better results, but it was still a long way from being impressive.

Around the back, you'll find a 3.5mm line-in and line-out cable connection (so you can hook up almost any music player) plus an S-Video cable and power adaptor sockets. This power adaptor is the only means of supplying juice to the Boynq Sabre.

There are no batteries in the Boynq Sabre, even though you kind of expect it from a portable device. This limits its appeal somewhat if you're going camping. We did like the fact that you can hook up a USB/FireWire docking connector for syncing with your computer, but close proximity to the power cable input makes this task a little awkward.


The RRP for the Boynq Sabre is quite steep, but a quick search on the web reveals the same model for a lot less; if you can get it for a knock down amount then the Boynq Sabre makes a quirky gift. But it's tied to the indoors on account of its lack of battery power, so not ideal for holidays, and you won't be compelled to write home about the sound, either.