You can even style the Duo-i yourself - it's available in three colours, and you can get coloured speaker grilles (at £15 a pop) to further customise the unit's look.

The Boston Acoustics Duo-i is larger than many of its counterparts and not quite as easily placed on a bedside table. This bulk is for good reason - Boston Acoustics has a reputation for acoustic quality, and the speakers certainly don't disappoint.

Indeed, sound is the standout feature of the Duo-i - it's clear when you fire it up that you're not listening to your standard iPod speaker dock. Of course, this is also clear when you shell out £170 to buy it. However, the Boston Acoustics Duo-i is big enough to serve as your main Hi-Fi if you've got a smallish bedroom, so the money you spend shouldn't go to waste.

The AM/FM radio has 10 FM and five AM presets with excellent tuning controls, and the Duo-i is hard to fault for all-round ease of use. We loved the Mode button that enables management of the main settings as a one or two-touch operation. The Boston Acoustics Duo-i's screen dimming option has no less than 21 different levels.

There are some less impressive features. Alarm functions are basic, but this is compensated for by the top-notch sound you get when your iPod kicks in at wakeup time. The snooze button is craftily built into the whole of the Boston Acoustics Duo-i speaker shell surround - which is really cool, and likely to be a sure hit with bleary eyed users.


It's expensive, but the Duo-i is the daddy of iPod clock radios - there are very few iPod docks of this size that sound as good as this. It looks good, and while it's bigger than most, you can use the Boston Acoustics Duo-i as your main stereo if you don't need a CD player.