Altec Lansing’s inMotion iMT525 SoundBlade is a versatile speaker designed to playback music from your mobile using Bluetooth A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile). With the SoundBlade you should no longer have to put up with poor quality MP3s played through your mobile phone’s built-in speaker.

The SoundBlade certainly warrants its title. At 154x282mm and only 25mm thick, it’s compact enough for those on the move. It’s lightweight too, weighing just 455g. The first time the SoundBlade is used wirelessly, it must be paired with a mobile device. We found this simple and easy enough to do. It’s just a case of powering on the SoundBlade and searching for Bluetooth devices on your mobile phone, and then pairing the two. To listen to music, simply play a track on your mobile’s audio player and it will be automatically broadcast through the speaker system. You can then skip forwards, backwards or pause a track using the corresponding controls on your mobile phone.

We were impressed with the volume of the SoundBlade, which features SRS TruBass bass-enhancement technology. We wouldn’t think twice about using it to get some pumping tunes going in a medium-sized room.

As well as a music speaker, the SoundBlade can also act as a speakerphone for a voice-activated mobile phone. To make an outgoing call simply press and hold the mute key for a few seconds, which will first pause the music and then activate the voice-dialling function. Say the name of the contact you wish to call and the phone will begin dialling. You’ll then be able to hear the person you’re calling through the SoundBlade. Likewise if you receive an incoming call, the track is automatically paused and you can either answer the call normally or through a button on the top of the SoundBlade, which activates the speakerphone.

The speaker also benefits from echo-cancelling, which means that any calls taken through the SoundBlade aren’t disturbed by an echo. If anything the only downside to the SoundBlade is the fact that it’s only compatible with Bluetooth A2DP, so you will need a fairly new phone for it to work. For connection to an iPod or other portable, use the 3.5mm line-in facility.


Compared to some of the other wireless speaker systems we’ve seen, the SoundBlade offers value for money and a useful level of sound and quality. It’s ideal for those working away from the office that like listening to music while they work, as it ensures you will still hear your mobile ring, and won’t have the hassle of turning down your tunes before you answer the call.