The Western Digital My Book Studio Edition allows you to easily stow away precious digital memories without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re running out of room on your current hard drive or you’re finally making good on a new year’s resolution to start backing up your data, there’s never been a better time to upgrade to a massive 1TB worth of storage.

About the size of a stubby desk dictionary, the gray Western Digital My Book Studio Edition features ports aplenty.

There are two FireWire 800 ports (an adaptor cable for connecting to FireWire 400 devices is included) and a mini USB port; an eSATA (external SATA) port is also included, but you’ll need to buy an add-in card to realise its faster speeds. There’s a thin blue activity bar on the front that also doubles as a capacity gauge, though only when the Western Digital My Book Studio Edition is connected via USB or FireWire. The drive also features a port for a security cable.

To operate the Western Digital My Book Studio Edition, you simply cable the drive up to your PC using an available port, plug in the power adaptor, and press the power button. The drive comes preformatted for the Apple Mac OS X, and mounts immediately on your desktop. But a software download makes the Western Digital My Book Studio Edition Windows-compatible.

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The delivers very good performance and is a good value compared with other drives with the same 1TB capacity. In addition to the 1TB version we looked at, the My Book Studio Edition is also offered in 320GB, 500GB, and 750GB capacities.