Although it has a few quirks and problems, the SimpleTech USB 2.0's low-profile designer looks, superior USB performance, and attractive per-gigabyte price combine to deliver a good value for your storage pound.

The SimpleTech USB 2.0 connects to your PC via USB and also comes with a small power supply. Although limited by the speeds of USB 2.0, when it comes to USB performance the SimpleDrive was nonetheless fairly swift.

If you don't need a full terabyte of storage, SimpleTech also sells 250GB, 320GB, 500GB, and 750GB capacities in the same enclosure, as well as offering a USB/FireWire 400 enclosure model.

Included with the SimpleTech USB 2.0 is 2GB of free online storage for supplemental backup or for sharing your files with a wider, web-based audience. This is a nice thought, but not of tremendous value, considering that free online storage is fast becoming the norm (for example, Google recently bumped up Googlemail storage to 5GB).


Despite a few rough edges, the SimpleTech USB 2.0 represents a good overall value. It packs a large amount of storage into a petite, classy-looking package, though the USB-only design limits its performance.