Iomega makes a wide range of hard disk products, for both Windows and Mac users, but the MiniMax drive was specifically designed with Mac users in mind. Its slim, square design makes it the ideal companion for the Mac mini, as you can stack the Mini right on top of the drive unit. However, the silvery grey unit will complement most other desktop PCs as well, and you can easily turn it on its side and sit it next to an iMac or Mac Pro on your desk.

Pros: Neat design, multiple interfaces
Cons: Noisy fan, relatively expensive

The Iomega MiniMax has lower storage capacity than some of its rivals, but it does include three USB ports and three FireWire ports, so you can also use it as a hub for connecting peripherals such as your camcorder or printer.

Our only real complaint is that the Iomega MiniMax's cooling fan is rather noisy, and makes a noticeable humming noise while the drive is running.


We liked the Iomega's three USB and three FireWire ports, but it's storage capacity is lower than some of its rivals and it's noisy, too.