The whole deal - drive, cables, remote, carrying case, and all - will easily fit into a briefcase or backpack. The Iogear Portable Media Server Player lacks an HDMI output, but you can hook it up via component or composite jacks on a TV - far more common inputs on hotel sets than HDMI or DVI, at any rate.

Although the Iogear Portable Media Server Player ships with a remote, it conveniently has a full complement of controls on the unit itself that allow you to control playback as well as to navigate the on-screen menu.

It's not all that uncomfortable to actually hold the drive in the palm of your hand like a remote and press the buttons. Just be careful not to drop it - the case has a spinning hard drive inside that will almost certainly sustain damage in a fall.

The Iogear Portable Media Server Player played all its supported files types (including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, Xvid, DivX, MP3, WAV, and JPEG) without any glitches. The one on-screen error message we received was when we tried to play a 1080p DivX file whose resolution exceeds the Iogear's 720p output capability.

One inconvenience: the onboard video electronics apparently takes a fair amount of power, so the GMD2025U120 requires its AC adaptor to operate, even when plugged into a PC's powered USB port.


The Iogear Portable Media Server Player GMD2025U120 is a good, but expensive, solution. It's very portable, has controls on unit as well as remote, but is power hungry.