Freecom’s Hard Drive Pro isn’t the cheapest drive in this group, but it does provide some useful features in addition to its 500GB storage capacity.

Pros: Very quiet, good backup software
Cons: Relatively expensive

Freecom's Hard Drive Pro has no less than four interface connectors on its rear panel – USB 2.0, FireWire 400, and two FireWire 800 connectors. This makes it a good choice for professional users who need a high-performance FireWire drive, and the multiple FireWire connectors will also make it easy to ‘daisychain’ the drive with any other FireWire devices that you’re already using.

We like the Freecom Hard Drive Pro's ‘one button’ backup option. When you press the button on the front of the drive the Freecom Hard Drive Pro automatically starts the backup process for you, and the software provided with the drive allows you to backup either the entire hard disk or just a selected set of files and folders. If you don’t want the FireWire ports you can get a USB-only version of the Freecom Hard Drive Pro 500GB drive for £115.


Freecom's Hard Drive Pro is one of the more expensive drives in this group test, but there are some nice features in return.