The Buffalo DriveStation Combo is an external storage device that provides a whopping 500GB of storage space for just £99 (there's also a 250GB model available for just £69).

It may look a bit dull compared to rivals such as LaCie's Brick, or the MyBook from Western Digital, but the Buffalo DriveStation Combo's slimline design is also quite handy, as it allows you to sit the drive in any convenient spot on your desk.

The 'combo' part of the Buffalo DriveStation Combo's name refers to the fact that the DriveStation has both FireWire and USB ports, so you can connect it to the FireWire port on your Mac if all your USB ports are already in use (and both FireWire and USB cables are included in the box).

You do get Windows-based software with the Buffalo DriveStation Combo, but it is really very simple to use regardless.


Perhaps it's not the most stylish external hard drive, but the Buffalo DriveStation Combo offers plenty of storage for your money. And the slimline design is useful.