Rendezvous is an Android client app for the Meetup event-oriented social network. With Rendezvous you can monitor your Meetup Groups, RSVP to Group events, add events to your Google Calendar, check in to events and upload photos to event albums.

To use Rendezvous you must authorise the app to interact with your Meetup account. Afterward you will see a list of all the Groups you belong to. Click a Group to see details about it, upcoming Meetups and Group photos. Click a Meetup to view details, RSVP and add it to your Google Calendar.

You can click the Meetup's address to open it in Maps and get directions, or click the phone number to dial it. You can also comment on a Meetup: Just go to the Talk tab, enter your comment, and click the Add Comment button.

If you are a frequent Meetup user, Rendezvous will be extremely helpful. I particularly like having the ability to RSVP for Meetups and add them to my Calendar. It's also handy to pull up quick directions to a Meetup.


This app lacks a few features that I would like to see, however. For example, you can't use it to browse and join new Groups. You can't use it to direct message other Group members, and you can't use it to share a Group or Meetup by email, Twitter or the like.

Still, it's a useful app, and it works well. Some users have complained about slow performance, but if you enable caching in Settings, that should speed things up.