As I mentioned earlier in the Ice Cream Sandwich section, if you want a ROM that doesn't look like stock Android, MIUI is a good choice for you. I find it too much like iOS, but I flashed it and gave it a try all the same.


MIUI ran without any problems during my time testing it. I saw no force-closes, and all of my apps ran like well-oiled machines.


MIUI was snappy enough to use daily, though it won't break any benchmark records. It’s designed to be stable first and foremost, though, so that’s okay.


Installing MIUI was easy, and I encountered no issues. It installs just as most ROMs out there do (via a custom Android recovery image), and I went through the process without a hitch.

General feel

In case I haven't made it clear, I don’t care much for MIUI’s design. There’s nothing wrong with it, though, and I can understand how many people would appreciate MIUI's application folders and its lack of an app drawer.

Battery life

MIUI didn’t demonstrate much improvement over stock Gingerbread during my testing. That said, I think it’s impressive to see a ROM that makes my Android device feel so different from stock while still lasting for hours.


Despite my reservations, MIUI is vastly popular, so don’t dismiss it on my word alone. It’s a nice ROM, and it performs admirably while managing to look and feel dramatically different from stock Android.