Google and Microsoft get along about as well as do the Red Sox and the Yankees, that is to say, not at all. But that doesn't mean that you can't get some Microsoft apps working with some Google services.

Case in point: Harmon.i.e for Google Docs. This excellent free Outlook add-in lets you access all of your documents in Google Docs from right within Outlook. It runs as a sidebar that you can reveal or hide.

It shows all of your documents in Google Docs, and lets you open them with a click. It would be more useful if you could open them in Microsoft Office as well, but that's a minor point.

You can do more than just open documents with Harmon.i.e for Google Docs. You can also delete them, copy them, hide them, star and unstar them, manage folders... just about anything you can do in Google Docs itself. You can also create new documents and upload documents to Google Docs. You can search within the documents, too.


If you don't use Google Docs often, this program won't be a big timesaver. But anyone who's a heavy user of both Google Docs and Outlook will want to download for Google Docs right away.