We’re of the general opinion that computers and food don’t really mix. Anyone who’s had to clean bits of a pizza or Chinese takeaway out of their keyboard will probably agree. Computer Cuisine Deluxe 5.0 tries to convince us otherwise – and partially succeeds.

Primarily, Computer Cuisine Deluxe 5.0 is a digital cookbook, packed with 1,001 easy-to-follow recipes, categorised by style and ingredients. Essentially a FileMaker database, there are plenty of ways to access this plethora of culinary delights. Search by keyword, list them all or browse by category.

The layout is slick and easy to navigate – but the real attraction is the flexibility of the digital format. Recipes can be shared by email or printed (so you don’t need to risk splashing your laptop with bolognese sauce). Best of all, you can add your own recipes to the Computer Cuisine Deluxe 5.0 database, meaning you can throw away that gravy-splashed notebook or binder. The stored recipes have several pages; a main recipe page with ingredients and method, additional notes, photos and nutrition information (so you can track things such as calorie or salt intake). That goes for the bundled database too.

Once you get into the habit of entering your favourite recipes, you can also use the application to generate a shopping list of ingredients, or plan your meals for the week. One perennial problem with this and other tools that track food nutrition is that Computer Cuisine Deluxe 5.0 is American – and uses US weights and measures. The makers have thought of this though and built in comprehensive conversion tools. It will automatically calculate how many fluid ounces are in a litre, for example.


Whether you’re following a diet, cooking for a demanding family or just like inventing your own meals, Computer Cuisine Deluxe 5.0 is a great budget way to keep your favourite recipes in one place.