Microsoft Band vs Apple Watch comparison

We compare the Microsoft Band and the Apple Watch based on what we know about the Apple Watch from the launch, and spending time with the Microsoft Band.

Microsoft Band vs Apple Watch comparison: what they are, why we are comparing them

With built-in GPS, a UV sensor, skin temperature and perspiration sensors, and a broad set of smartwatch-style notifications, the Microsoft Band promises a lot of cool features for $200. And, unlike the Apple Watch, this wearable actually exists in the wild. But Apple tells us that the Apple Watch will be with us early next year, at which point the world will go Apple wearable wild.

Let me be the first to point out that these are two very different devices. Apple's Watch is a customisable smartwatch designed to work only with recent iPhones that is also a comprehensive health- and fitness device. The Microsoft Band, meanwhile, can help with productivity by displaying email, calendar and message notifications. But it's really intended to be a fitness band rather than a smartwatch. And, critically, the Microsoft Band will work with Android and iOS devices, as well as Windows Phone.

So on the one hand we have a high-spec smartwatch limited to use with Apple smartphones, and on the other hand a souped-up fitness band/activity tracker that will work with any smartphone. It's Apple vs Microsoft, in the battle for your wrist. This stuff just got interesting.

Microsoft Band release date

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