Android Wear is upon us and is Google's version of the popular mobile OS specifically designed for wearable devices like smartwatches. The LG G Watch is one of two launch products for the platform alongside the Samsung Gear Live so here's our full LG G Watch review. 

The wearable sector is one of the fastest growing in technology and if you haven't been convinced to buy a smartwatch yet, perhaps Android Wear is the reason you need. Smartwatches have been, at times, good but almost always lacking in some way or another.

As you might expect, Android Wear ties in with the main OS and aims to bring things forward in terms of both style and functionality. "Android Wear organises your information, suggests what you need and shows it to you before you even ask." says Google.

LG G Watch review: UK price and competition

One of the advantages of Android Wear is that, if you like it, you can choose which device you want to buy with it on – much like you can pick from hundreds of Android smartphones.

As we mentioned earlier, the G Watch is one of two launch devices for Android Wear and it's the cheaper option at £159. The Samsung Gear Live will cost you an extra £10 and is strangely the dearer across the pond in the US. That's a pretty good price for smartwatch considering Samsung's Tizen-based Gear 2 device is a lot more expensive. Our review sample was provided by MobileFun.

Although there are just two to wrack your brains over now, there will be more over time. Motorola has confirmed the Moto 360 – with its regular watch style round face - will launch this summer but is it expected to cost more than its Android Wear cousins.

LG G Watch vs Motorola Moto 360 vs Samsung Gear Live

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