Apple Watch vs LG G Watch R comparison

The Apple Watch and the LG G Watch R are two of the most exciting upcoming wearable tech devices, set to take the world by storm. But as you glance at your wrist and consider with which trinket to adorn it, the choice is about to become a tricky one. In this article we compare the LG G Watch R with the upcoming Apple Watch, and explain why smartwatches in general -  and Apple's smartwatch in particular - matter.

Apple Watch LG G Watch R

Apple Watch vs LG G Watch R comparison: what is a smart watch?

smartphones are brilliant, portable computing and communications devices. But they have taken us back to the era of the pocket watch. We have to take a device out of your pocket to get at all that great information. The reason the dumb watch has remained a constant for decades is that it is almost a perfect form factor. Convenient and only as obtrusive as you wish it to be. Getting the information from your smartphone on to your wrist is highly useful.

Apple Watch vs LG G Watch R comparison: Why the Apple Watch matters

And the Apple Watch launch is truly significant. Apple rarely, if ever, truly innovates. What it does amazingly is take existing technology and create the first truly great consumer products in that space. It has done so several times: OS X, iPod, iPhone, iPad - none of these were the first in their respective classes, but all of them set the gold standard and gave life to markets.

So to an extent it doesn't matter how good, bad or indifferent is the Apple Watch. The very fact that Apple is making one will generate sales, which will in turn lead to smartwatches and wearables in general looking normal and desirable. This is good news for the likes of LG with the LG G Watch R.

It also means that software makers are now creating apps for smartwatches - they know there will be an after market. In turn this also generates more of a market, almost regardless of consumer desire. Apple is not pitching at techie people, and its watch won't be cheap. It is aimed at people with disposable income who are style- and fashion conscious and who like to be seen to have the latest kit. There are plenty of them and they will snap up the Apple Watch, which will in turn create a market for cheaper alternative smartwatches.

Apple Watch

Finally, the Apple Watch is critical for Apple itself. Interesting fact: the iPhone 4S is still the most popular iPhone in terms of usage. Simply, it was a great product that came along at the peak of Apple's market dominance just as smartphones were becoming must haves. For more details read our Apple Watch UK release date, price and specs.

There are nearly 20 million iPhone 4S users in the US alone, according to Comscore, and 40 percent of them indicated to pollsters that they are ready to upgrade. There's nothing sinister in this, but it does make this period a big opportunity and a threat for Apple. It is most unlikely that those iPhone 4S users will remain iPhone 4S users for a fourth year - so they should be prime candidates to upgrade to the iPhone 6. The trouble is that this makes for a natural break in user loyalty, and in order to keep those users faithful Apple needs to offer them something better than the opposition.

So the Apple Watch - even before it launches - is an anti-churn measure. Similar to Sky TV offering you a new channel or your bank a new product or service: the very idea that there is an iPhone-only smartwatch coming down the tracks makes existing users more likely to upgrade to another iPhone, than seek better value elsewhere.

At this point you may feel that you will never use a smart watch, but get ready to see them all over the place. Here we will compare two of the most important upcoming smart watches, the Apple Watch vs the LG G Watch R comparison review.

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