Apple Watch review

Apple Watch price: How much does the Apple Watch cost?

If you're interested in buying the Apple Watch, you'll need from £299 all the way up to £13,500 if you opt for the most expensive model.

So while £299 might not sound like an extortionate amount of money to spend on a bit of a risky, first generation product, it's unlikely that's how much you'll actually spend. If you want the more durable Sapphire display and Stainless Steel chassis you're looking at £479 or more, and don't forget that's for the smaller display that we think is a bit too small for some people. The Sport model with the bigger display costs £339, and the Stainless Steel Apple Watch with a 42mm display starts at £519.

That's why we're finding it very difficult to recommend buying this first-generation smartwatch and would strongly suggest considering waiting until the second generation arrives (that could be as soon as early 2016).

Apple Watch availability: Where can I buy the Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch was first unveiled in September 2014, but we had to wait until a 9 March 2015 event to find out its official release date. On 10 April, Apple started taking pre-orders for the Apple Watch, and those who placed an order quickly got their Apple Watch delivered on 24 April. Others who weren't so fast may have to wait until June and beyond before their Apple Watch arrives, and for now there's no way to buy the smartwatch in Apple Stores.


We can't help but think that Apple has tried to do too much with this first generation Apple Watch. There are so many ways of interacting with it and so many different features and elements to get used to that the learning curve is surprisingly steep. It takes a lot of getting used to, and at times it feels counter-intuitive, something we're not use to with Apple devices.

That's why we'd struggle to recommend spending the £299 or more it'll cost you to buy this smartwatch. As is often the case, waiting for the second generation of the Apple Watch is likely to be a wise move, because Apple is going to learn a lot from this first generation smartwatch and from the customers and fans that are using it. However, we're always cautious of first generation devices. Take the first iPad, for example. It was an impressive piece of kit at the time, but a year later the iPad 2 arrived and blew it out of the water. Anyone with the original iPad suddenly felt like they were carrying around an old-fashioned brick. It's not so bad with the £299 model but if you're planning on splashing out closer to £1,000 (or more if you're opting for the Edition) be prepared for disappointment in a year's time when the Apple Watch 2 arrives and is much better.