Sony Xperia T3 review

Phablets are still a strange category in the smartphone market but that's essentially what the Sony Xperia T3 is. However, with a mid-range price tag it's not taking on the Galaxy Notes of the world.

Sony Xperia T3: UK price and competition

Sony's official price for the Xperia T3 is £299 placing it at exactly the same cost as the Nexus 5. However, you can pick it up cheaper, around £245, at retailers such as MobiCity, so you can save money in comparison.

Sony Xperia T3 review

We'll mention it again later on and in the verdict but Sony's own Xperia Z Ultra – a 6.4in phablet – has been around for a while now and is therefore obtainable for only a few extra pounds in comparison to the Xperia T3 at around £250.

Sony Xperia T3 review: Design and build

Sony has used the same square design for the last couple of years and the Xperia T3 is no departure from this. With its mid-ranged price it's not surprising to find a less premium design compared to Sony's more expensive like the Xperia Z2.

It's a big square slab with thick bezels but an attractive stainless steel frame. The rear is not glass like premium Xperias and instead uses a soft touch plastic cover which reminds us of the James Bond Xperia T. The Xperia T3 is available in black, white and purple.

Unlike other Xperia handsets, the rear cover is contoured at the edge so the phone sits in the hand better than usual and the rear cover has a good amount of grip to it.

Sony Xperia T3 review design

The firm claims it's the thinnest 5.3in phone in the world and this might be the case but we can't think of many other phones with that sized screen. Nevertheless, it is nicely svelte at just 7 mm and it's also light for a large phone at 148 g.

It is still a phablet sized phone and the screen size is difficult to use one-handed. The Xperia T3 is a two-hander from our point of view.

Sony is well known for offering waterproof (and dust) smartphones but the Xperia T3 isn't one of them so don't go jumping in the shower, bath, pool or other water filled area with this device.

Build quality is reasonable but nothing special with mostly plastic on offer. It's solid thanks to the steel frame so we wouldn't hold our breath if it should accidentally get lost but there are obvious signs of its mid-range price tag with elements like the clicky and wobbly buttons and those chunky bezels.

It's something of a caveat but the recess for the ear piece (which also houses the notification LED) collects dust and dirt very easily.

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