The latest in Sony Ericsson's ever expanding range of Walkman phones, the Sony Ericsson W910i introduces a couple of nifty music features.

SensME technology and 'Shake it!' should keep music lovers busy, while other features certainly haven't been overlooked - the Sony Ericsson W910i boasts HSDPA connectivity, a large 2.4in display and an all-new multimedia menu.

The slider Sony Ericsson W910i is thin and smooth, and its construction feels very solid. A handy battery cover lock makes it easy to remove and despite the flat buttons, operation is intuitive and comfortable.

A five-way navigation pad and selection buttons do the grunt work, while the Sony Ericsson W910i's keypad has small, soft buttons. They are a little close together but, despite this, messaging is comfortable and mostly able to generate decent speeds. The matte finish (available in either red or black) handles fingerprints surprisingly well.

For calls, the Sony Ericsson W910i has a reasonable voice quality, but volume could have been louder - it is sometimes difficult to hear when there is background noise. The Walkman and general media interface of this handset has been completely redesigned and is similar to the K850i.

Conveniently, an accelerometer auto-rotates between portrait or landscape modes. You can access and edit photos, music, videos and adjust settings, and the Sony Ericsson W910i uses a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, while the relatively large display is crisp and clear for watching video.

For photos, X-Pict Story, an automatic slideshow created based on four moods, adds music and transitional effects with a single button press. SensME technology, exclusive to the W910i, uses track metadata to create a playlist based on mood and tempo.

Tracks are plotted on a visual graph and matched to sad and happy emotions and fast and slow tempos. SensME allows you to create playlists based on these choices, though to use these functions you'll have to upload your music using the included Walkman software.

The Sony Ericsson W910i also allows you to skip tracks with the flick of your wrist using 'Shake it!'; simply hold down the Walkman button and flick your wrist left for the previous track and right for the next track. The location and small size of the Walkman button doesn't help in this regard though.

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