Powered by a 1.5GHz VIA C7M processor, the OQO 02 already looks somewhat retro, much like the Samsung Q1 Ultra that it resembles. Unlike the Samsung, however, the 02 has a very solid keyboard that slides out from behind its 5in-wide screen.

Despite the overall dimensions of the OQO 02 (it measures 142mm widthways), there's not a huge amount of typing space and the square, blocky keys aren't that easy to work with.

In fact, OQO 02 seems to have used the same chassis design as on similar UMPC models launched in 2006 and simply updated the internal specifications. You now get a full gigabyte of RAM and a 60GB hard drive in the form of the iPod-powering 1.8in Samsung HDD.

This diminutive but expensive hard drive keeps the weight down to a trim 500g, but pushes up the OQO 02's price to a fairly mind-boggling £843, though to be fair, this is the outright cost of ownership, rather than one masked by the commitment of a monthly mobile subscription tariff.

Connectivity in the form of 802.11 a, b and g Wi-Fi is accompanied by Bluetooth v2.0. As with the Samsung UMPC, we expect this device to be quietly replaced by sleeker models and perhaps to get 3G and a mobile phone operator affiliation.


An oddity, the OQO 02 is expensive and feels dated.