The Nokia 6220 Classic is a stylish and compact mobile phone.

Measuring 108x46x15mm, and weighing just 90g, the Nokia 6220 Classic fits comfortably in the palm of a hand and benefits from a glossy reflective black front, which contrasts with the silver trim and grey plastic back.

We love the sleek design of the Nokia 6220 Classic, which features flush buttons and a large 2.2in screen, but do its features and usability match for its design?

Well, yes. The 3G Nokia 6220 Classic boasts video calling and built-in GPS capabilities, which we found fairly accurate. The device claimed we were 500m from our official location and with a bundled 90-day trial of Nokia Maps on a 1GB micro SD card, the phone can be used for turn-by-turn navigation as well. However, we did find the GPS supped the Nokia 6220 Classic's battery reserves.

The Nokia 6220 Classic's 5mp camera benefits from a Carl Zeiss lens, xenon flash, red-eye reduction and a built-in VGA camcorder. By simply sliding the lens cover back, the camera software immediately sprung into action. However, we did find the lens cap had a tendency to get stuck half way when being slide back.

The Nokia 6220 Classic also offers the ability to implement basic edits to images and videos taken on the device such as cropping, brightness and contrast adjustment, as well as more fun effects include adding text and frames. PictBridge technology means images can be printed without having to connect the phone to a PC. You can also upload pictures to the web directly from the Nokia 6220 Classic.

We love the fact that the Nokia 6220 Classic has a secondary camera located on the front of the phone, which we were able to for video calling and also to snap self portraits, although with a resolution of only 384x320 pixels, the image weren't as clear and as sharp as those produced by the main camera.

The Nokia 6220 Classic benefits from the ability to surf the web, retrieve email and open PDFs, Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents thanks to the inclusion of Adobe Reader and Quick. Other features include an MP3 player, an FM radio and Bluetooth version 2.0 connectivity.

We found the 120MB internal memory big enough to store the amount of images and MP3 we wanted, but if you intend to use the Nokia 6220 Classic as your main digital audio player as well, we'd recommended making use of the phone's capability to support micro SD cards up to 8GB.


We like the design and features of the Nokia 6220 Classic and think overall it's a good phone.