Billed as a successor to the hugely popular RAZR V8, the Motorola Z10 couldn't be further apart in looks from its sister.

In place of the clam-shell design, the Motorola Z10 is a slider phone that features a neat curve design when slide open that will comfortable hugs the shape of a face. A sleek silver back has been combined with a reflective facia, 2.2in QVGA screen and flush soft touch buttons to create a contemporary styling sure to appeal to even the most minimalist-loving users.

Measuring 109x50x15mm, the Motorola Z10 isn't the smallest of phones but it's certainly packed with features. The quad-band handset runs the Symbian OS and offers 3G connectivity for video calling capability and as well as the web and email capability of the RAZR V8, the Motorola Z10 offers some creative camera and camcorder functions.

The Motorola Z10 has not one but two 3.2Mp cameras - a primary camera located on the back of the phone which is activated when the handset is closed and a secondary camera on the front of the phone that springs to life when the device is slide open, ensuring you can capture video and photos of yourself and your subjects.

We were impressed with the quality of the images and the multishot capability that allowed us to take three, five or 10 images with just one press of a button. We also found the Motorola Z10's bundled media editor handy. It gave us the ability to make basic edits to our images such as rotating, cropping and removing red-eye as well as more creative and funky features including adding frames and giving our snaps a black and white or even an oil painting effect.

The camcorder records video at 30fps and offers a relatively smooth playback. The Motorola Z10's editing software also extends to videos allowing you to unleash your inner Scorsese.

You can add soundtracks and grab and swap shots in videos in practice for creating your own blockbuster. While with the photo movie function you are able to make a slideshow from images by inserting transitions, text clips and even voice clips for narration.

Finally the Motorola Z10 gives you the capability to publish pics and videos on sites such as Google's YouTube, Flickr using the ShoZu application on the phone, which connects to the internet to upload pics and videos in one swift move.

The Motorola Z10 also features Bluetooth connectivity and an MP3 player. With 64MB of internal memory and support for a micro SD card up to 32GB (it comes with a 1GB card) there's plenty of room for your favourite songs of the moment.