The LG Lotus phone has a striking design, but you can find a similar model for less.

Right now the LG Lotus is available only through Sprint in the States.

The LG Lotus packs multimedia capabilities into a stylish yet functional design. It has both a 1.3in external display with music controls and, inside, a 2.4in diagonal screen and a full qwerty keyboard. Although a bit wide for small hands, it fits nicely into a trouser pocket.

In our tests, call quality was very good both ways, but the LG Lotus keys are too narrow for extensive texting.

Video playback can be uneven on the 240x320-resolution screen. Music sounded good from the two speakers, but the LG Lotus lacks both a standard 3.5mm headphone jack and a headset.


The LG Lotus is currently available only via Sprint in the US. It comes with both Sprint Navigation, the GPS application, and Sprint’s One Click interface, which puts the multimedia features at your fingertips. But at $150 for a two-year contract, the Lotus feels a bit overpriced for what it delivers.