he HTC Touch Pro2 is a 3G (third-generation) smartphone with a 3.6in touchscreen that uses a customised version of Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system.

The design of the HTC Touch Pro2 is as visually stunning as the 480x800 widescreen VGA resolution on its screen. It looks like a business phone with its distinctive cool metal and black colouring, and the speaker on the backside runs like a track around its curved shape.

The speaker is one of the coolest features on the HTC Touch Pro2.

All you have to do is lay the HTC Touch Pro2 face down on a table and it automatically goes into speaker-phone mode. At HTC's office, the person who called in sounded clear, and you could hear voice over the speaker very clear from the phone side.

HTC put two microphones on the HTC Touch Pro2 to pick up sound from many people in a room, but also put a chip inside that cancels out background noise and focuses on the speaker's voice for clarity on the other end. The speakers were designed with a woofer and a tweeter, also for better clarity.

The other nice part about the HTC Touch Pro2's speaker phone is that even if you're already on a call and you want that person to be able to talk to everyone in the room without hanging up, you just lay the phone down and it goes into speaker mode.

The qwerty keypad and tilt-up screen are the other highlights of the HTC Touch Pro2.

The keypad slides out from under the screen, and the screen can tilt to a nice angle for keying in messages. We were able to tap messages quickly and comfortably, despite our big thumbs, thanks to the spacious lettering on the keypad. The HTC Touch Pro2's raised keys are spaced apart and are large for a mobile phone. They also click when you have tapped a letter so you know the letter has been typed.

The fact that the HTC Touch Pro2's screen can tilt up to around a 60 degree or 70 degree angle is just cool.