HTC Desire 610 review

The HTC Desire 610 is HTC's newest mid-range smartphone, a cheaper sibling to the flagship HTC One M8 and the successor to the HTC Desire 601. With a 4.7in display, nice design, front-facing speakers and a good camera it's got a lot going for it, but it falls down when it comes to display and processing power. Here's our full HTC Desire 610 review.

HTC Desire 610 review: Price

Priced at £239, the HTC Desire 610 is a rival to the likes of the £299 Google Nexus 5, the £229 Sony Xperia M2. That’s a reasonable price tag for what you get, but when you compare it to the £100 cheaper Motorola Moto G and realise that the low-cost smartphone trumps the HTC Desire 610 with some of its specs, and matches it in others, it's certainly worth considering whether the Moto G is a better option if you're on a budget.

HTC Desire 610 review: Design and build quality

The first thing we noticed about the design of the particular HTC Desire 610 we were testing was that it's very, very bright. HTC says it's "crafted to please your eyes" but we're definitely not keen on the pinkish orange colour chosen by the company. The Navy Blue and White options are much nicer.

Aside from that, though, we rather like the design of the HTC Desire 610. While it's made from plastic, it takes on a look similar to that of the iPhone 5c and manages to avoid looking tacky and cheap. It has a matt coating round the edges and on the front of the plastic casing which is quite nice, but we would have preferred if that had been used for the entire back case which is contrastingly glossy.

It's a solid and very well built smartphone, with nicely finished buttons and a discreet flap covering the nano-SIM and microSD card slots.

The biggest downfall of the HTC Desire 610's design is the bezels. The phone has a 4.7in display, but its overall size is much larger due to the thick bezels around the edges and at the top and bottom of the device.

It's 9.6mm thick which is chunkier than the Nexus 5's 8.9mm and the 8.6mm of the Sony Xperia M2, but thinner than the Moto G's rather thick 11.6mm. It doesn't feel overly fat.

The HTC Desire 610 is not quite as light as the Nexus 5, which is 130g, but at 144g it's similar to the weight of the Sony Xperia M2 and the Motorola Moto G, and we found it perfectly light enough for prolonged periods of use. It's by no means a heavy phone.

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