In this second version of the HTC Advantage, onboard storage has been boosted to a mighty 16GB while the camera now supports video and a still capture resolution of 3.1Mp.

Our first hands-on experience of the Advantage concept was when Microsoft used one to demonstrate Windows Mobile 6.0 to us, showing off the strongly integrated communication options - IM, email, appointments and other contact and status options all being intelligently threaded on the screen, while other elements were highlighted on the attached projector screen. The HTC Advantage X7510 retains this unusual VGA projector output, but other design touches have been tweaked.

The HTC Advantage X7510's separate keyboard is now almost totally flat (but still attaches magnetically). The revised design is better equipped for a light touch - the original model had a rubber-y ‘chiclet' keyboard. In common with several of HTC's smartphones, it supports touchscreen entry, indeed your first setup task is to align the screen.

Our test HTC Advantage X7510 was a Windows Mobile 6.1 device, though WM 6.5 ought to be available shortly. The 5in offers at-a-glance status overviews for appointments, calls, emails, text messages and tasks and it's possible to invoke video calls as well as text ones.


We’re not convinced by such a large device as our main mobile phone, but the HTC Advantage X7510 is a classy and solid option if you need that larger screen and additional application and input options. It offers solid Wi-Fi connectivity and comes in a classy brown leather case into which it folds neatly away.