Our first Apple iPhone 3GS review looks at the handset's new features, including faster performance, video camera, tweaked design and the 3D compass.

iPhone 3GS battery life

The iPhone 3GS tech specs claim battery life of up to five hours of talk time (12 if you turn off 3G networking), five hours of Internet use (nine on Wi-Fi), 10 hours of video playback, 30 hours of audio playback, and 300 hours of standby time.

Those specs are slightly better in some areas than the ones Apple claimed for the original iPhone and iPhone 3G.

Apple says that it’s not so much that the iPhone 3GS battery is better than previous models - an iFixIt report suggests the battery holds only 6 percent more juice than the one in the iPhone 3G - but that the iPhone 3GS is able to use its internal hardware in a more energy-efficient manner, eking out more battery life under certain conditions.

In general, the iPhone 3GS seems roughly comparable to the iPhone 3G in terms of resilience of the battery. If you spend an entire day on the go with the iPhone 3GS and are heavily using the internet the entire time, you will drain the battery.

Savvy iPhone veterans know to plug in their iPhones at home and at work, and if they spend a long time in the car, they plug in there too via an adaptor. (You can get more life out of your iPhone by reducing the amount of time you use the internet and by turning off 3G networking.)