Global PC vendor Acer made its first move into the smartphones market at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last month and we had a chance to sit down and try out a few of the new devices in Taipei.

The handsets are all courtesy of a company called E-Ten Information Systems that Acer bought last year. The company originally designed GPS devices, which you'll find on nearly all of its smartphones, and expanded into smartphones a few years ago with Microsoft's Windows Mobile OS.

The Acer F900 is a complete 3G touchscreen smartphone with built-in camera, computing and more, that runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 software. It differentiates itself from the rest of the pack almost immediately with a 3.8in touchscreen, among the biggest we've handled.

The Acer F900 is the more stylish of the two, thinner and meant for just about anyone. The Acer M900 is armed with a slide-out qwerty keyboard that makes it a little bulkier. It's aimed at business users.

The Acer F900 is 12.85 millimeters thick, slightly bigger than the iPhone 3G's 12.3mm, and measures 117.5mm tall by 63.5mm wide. Some reports have said looks a lot like Samsung Electronics' Omnia. There is a resemblance, but the fact is many smartphones with large screens on the front look similar, and almost all are compared to the smartphone that initiated the touchscreen fad, the iPhone.

The nice thing about the 3.8in screen on the Acer F900 is the sharp picture quality. The resolution on the screen is 800x480, which is the same as High Tech Computer (HTC)'s Touch Diamond2 and Touch Pro2, and better than the 480x320 resolution on the iPhone 3G.

That's a good thing, too, because you need a big screen with good picture quality for the Acer Shell user interface (UI).

The Acer F900's UI was so much fun to try out.

Acer F900 and M900