The Tango TRX is primarily a dock and speaker system for an iPhone or iPod, but it keeps its options open by adding an auxiliary stereo mini jack input and, more interestingly, Bluetooth audio streaming.

In design terms, it’s yet another black plastic slab with a black speaker cloth, but the minimal design has a few distinguishing flourishes. The dock is located on one side of the device’s front, while on the other there’s a large orange-rimmed knob and a few small LEDs. The control buttons for source select, Bluetooth pairing, song navigation and volume are all on the ‘foot’ of the Tango TRX.

Another set of buttons, located just above the speaker cloth on the top right, control power on/off, and select either bass/treble/volume assignment for the knob and the accompanying LEDs.

XtremeMac’s Tango TRX can act as a speakerphone

With an iPhone 4 on the dock, the Tango sounded fine, although it could get bass-heavy, courtesy of the downward-firing subwoofer. The overall sound was full and relatively mellow, with straightforward bass and treble controls for rudimentary tweaks.

The remote control replicates the device’s buttons, but there’s also an iOS app that can be used to control the Tango while the iPhone streams audio via Bluetooth. This app adds a five band equaliser with presets for various genres. The Tango TRX can also function as a speakerphone.


The free remote app adds equaliser controls, and we love the speakerphone option. The Tango TRX doesn’t look particularly captivating, but it feels well built and sounds good, with a fairly neutral sound.